Dusk – where did the day go? Up in the mountains, I look out my window. The lavender patch of the sky, sandwiched between cadet blue and celeste, is fading fast. Only the heavy puffs of gray remains, huffing out of smokestacks of apartments built a decade ago. It’s necessary. Nine degrees. I dare not step out.

I only see a fraction of the two canopy trees – enough. Their bark is stripped white and their twigs sport a easy-to-snap look. The spindly arms still cling onto withered dry leaves. Why is it always so hard to let go?

With a click, I turn the light on.




i said goodbye
but I can’t stay away
how can i
you’re the home in
i learned to love
your walls heard my tears
your hallways saw my antics
your door always greeted me
parents absent friends influenced
my dresses, writing, laugh never wavered
when it’s quiet and the summer heat thick
i’ll come visit
you deserve to be loved too.

Juice Rani*

*rani means queen in Hindi


shots i expect to be bitter
a tall liquid concoction
made primarily of coconut and pineapple
i couldn’t wait to taste the nectar
but it was marred by the rum
though legal and ready to mingle
with alcoholic beverages
i realized i could do without
the added ingredient
rush of sugar is much preferred
over intoxication