powder of cheddar and sour cream chips flakes my romper
my orange stained fingers dig into the bag some more
squished crumbs in my comforter
thought of remaking my bed too much effort
I’ll leave that for a Sunday morning
when I have regained a quarter of the energy
I lost to responsibility during the week

no hiatus


i don’t understand
people who think nothing
my neurons are pinging
observing, analyzing, calculating
even my synapses daydream
in transmission
too much
indecisiveness is cumbersome
respite sought
behind closed eyelids movie begins
infamous past and illusioned future
even on a treadmill
my workout rivals my mental flow.



fumble to find my car keys
faster, mind screams
I press down on the gas
highway rules frowning
I can’t be home past nine
my curfew, weight of disapproval
awaits more anxiety inducing
than three hundred dollar ticket.
college graduate with a job
adult learning to pay bills
free time is valuable
yet mine is under speculation
so I drive a little faster
twenty miles over speed limit
to put the distance between
who I am and
who my parents want me to be.



my body is not
your hotel, home or temple
it’s the outer shell
protecting my atma

the way I dress
is my presentation
the way I talk
is my expression
the way I strut
is my confidence

I am not your entertainment
not your baby, bitch or kitchen slave
I am not your temptation
not your desire, dream or idol

touch me and
I will haunt you
do not think
I cannot defend myself
my screams are outmatched
by my anger
I will not stop

I am the Indian goddess
you bow down to me.


*Kali is the mother of chaos and liberator of souls.
**Angry Indian Goddesses is a must see film of raw friendship, loss and the battle of image women face everyday.