dresses are a must, skirts acceptable
stilettos occasionally, sneakers never
my attire set my mood: regal and haughty
still my knees buckled when I met him
he wasn’t a tramp but an underdog
bounding to success I gave unlimited support
but he didn’t want a sugar mama
my role obscure, left shadows behind
doing more rewarding than standing idly
i let my thunder outspeak
the swish and clack of my outfit

chasing freebies


list of available surprise treats
from participating companies
i set out on my birthday
to receive my special gifts.
my day started out great
with iced coffee and a cinnabon
followed by Baskin Robbin’s ice cream.
chugging water to prevent future diabetes
i enjoyed my free makeup session
at Sephora but they wouldn’t give
my email promised foundation and gloss
without purchase – the condition
was disappointing! all i wanted was
pampering so i drove around nj
collecting meal privileges at restaurants
but the lack of company was disheartening.
so i went back to a home baked cake
my cat and love and handcrafted decorations
i didn’t need anything else.

rebel revelations


social norms are barriers
fear of vulnerability only deters
wear your heart on your sleeve
firmly uphold convictions
fall and stand, fall and stand again
your confidence smolders remember
self-interested is an attribute
you come first so
acts of kindness can be done
rebel is not an anarchist
rebel is who you are
sans the armor you put on everyday

A Lesson from Villains


Today’s word of the day:


adjective, [hahy-fuh-loot-n]

pompous, bombastic, haughty, pretentious


Every story needs an antagonist to further the story along. When I think of villain I think of the obvious character of Voldermort and Klaus from The Vampire Diaries. But special powers do not make for an evil person; within us there are irrational impulses that given a certain push in a circumstance renders our highfalutin self-serving actions to hurt those around us.

This summer I decided to rewatch Gossip Girl. Since the series concluded in 2012 with the explosive reveal that left the audience agape, I have been curious to see if there were signs weaved into the show all along depicting Dan’s shady other side, his Gossip Girl persona. Over the last five weeks I have gone on a journey with the characters and the storytellers, some scenes rushed and others repetitive, but the overall climatic surprises in the universe is pushed into happening by the characters themselves. Dan, Serena, Nate, Blair and Chuck may be the main character representatives of this fictional elite Manhattan society, but their personality roots depict the glimmer of darkness within all of us: the outsider looking in, the flighty one in face of issues, the integrity upholder full of lust, self-serving and the egomaniacal.

The show is addicting and it’s so easy to be self-flattered while watching it; I would never do such a thing. Hopefully that’s true and our self-control is in check. Yet their adept skills of preservation of their entitlement is an attitude we can glean insight from. If we look deeper into their set highfalutin ways, we’ll see that we can learn to be better. Not by not doing what they do; instead, finding the good intention in their misdeed and applying it to our lives.


  1. Villains have purpose.

Life does not have to be one big fight, but ambition is greatly rewarded – if you don’t sell your soul along the way.

  1. Villains believe in themselves.

Confidence sells. Why do you all those smooth talkers get their way? Hold back the flutters of anxiety and believe me, your thundering heart is only in your ears – smile and be poise. But remember, honesty plays into confidence too.

  1. Villains have history.

Whether we like it or not, our past is something that has happened – and we can let it inspire us. It’s a psychological fact that when you’re sad if you force yourself to smile a few times repeatedly, eventually your body and mind will relax and give into a real smile. Similarly, you have the ability to control your past. Who better to retell than you with the twist of an air of dramedy? Your openness will be charming and your grudges won’t be your weaknesses.

  1. Villains have style.

Shopping on a budget is always hard, but if you flaunt yourself proudly in vibrant and bold attire, your clothing will speak of your formidably just as a peacock’s feathers.

  1. Villains have henchmen.

It’s good to ask for help. It allows for trust to build in the relationships around you and helps create a balanced team. But if you want to be the continued leader in your partnership, always maintain a decisive tone in voicing your vision and don’t be afraid to cut out those who don’t support.


Bottomline: a little self-interest and self-promotion can go a long way – you just want to make sure it doesn’t corrupt you.