are you a poet? decipher this

the skirt of a creative mind
snags on the clasp of a hook
to close, zips up the teeth of
colors with figurative language
too explicit it’s a neckline plunging
no, a modest A line tempts intellects
only some can pull off
wearing a dress


the best of us

when a shower rod breaks
it is not even, in fact there are no parts
the two ends slip unspoken
their simple shared responsibility
to uphold the billowing curtain
marred by towels and makeshift
hanger dryer not in the agreement,
the ends unhinge together as one

you’re the same if you walk away

daughter of the waves
she collects shells, broken
whole, the sand jealous scratches
but she claps back the dirt
drags the debris down depths
of no discernment, graveyard of baubles

daughter of the waves
buoy admiration, she bobs up
wherever the foam takes her
under the pull of light
her temperamental full display
none can touch her
without the fear of drowning

now i see clearly

when I saw her castle I was jealous
fancy tools to perfect towers and windows
I could not reach her dig depth for wet sand
adamant I collected underwater grains
soaked I set a foundation on a dry hill
decorated with protection layers of shells
in a dampening mood, the tides surged forward
her rotundas fell inward swimming in their
self-created moat while mine withstood
but pride was unsatisfactory when her
company danced on the mounds of prime
beach architecture gaily and I was left with
mermaid toenails


trains passing through the night
shared strip of platform for
opposite tracks, one and four
arriving and departing
dress shoes, worn sneakers
chasing a career, maintaining a job
first month pay invested in efficient Tesla
second year working bills piling up
talk is a game, hypotheticals in the day
are incomplete checks on the nightly review
playing chess not to checkmate, catch to tag
a partner always left lying in wait
when we stop dreaming together
can we have a future?