chocolate milk

thick syrup
i add more flavor
to his nutritious glass
stirred up, served hot or cold
we are delicious together


best friends

the excitement got to her
the puppy bounded all over her man
before she lay sprawled on her back
on top of him catching her breath
the boy looked at her sloppy grin
do you have enough room
the puppy nuzzled and yipped
curling into a comfortable ball
as he watched Dota 2 videos
he petted her head until she fell asleep.
midnight she stirred as his head went down
eager to play she wiggled and nudged
and the boy put her arm around her
she settled down for a minute
before she jumped on his tummy
with her front paws, ooof, her wagging
tail hit the boy awake, half groaning
he succumbed to playing
the reward of her kisses worth it

don’t buy him

he heard the jingle of my purse
and followed, suave he did not beg
but coquettishly lured me
to open up my bag, his eyes on the coins
i wondered if i gave it away freely
would i have made a committed investment?
but you showed up to best the greedy fellow
told me riches worked for are for keeps
there is honor in who i choose to share my lot
only a fox wants handouts, a real man wants
a dreaming partner, the equal labor of both
sustaining their big picture